Hotels In Eilat

At the end of the Gulf of Eilat and the Red Sea, where it sutures between the Sinai desert,
Edom Mountains and the Negev, at an important crossing point for migrating birds, from the
Cold Europe in the winter to the hot continent of Africa and back in the summer months,
the southern city of Eilat lies on the shores of the sea.
The amazing combination of water and red sea and almost 365 days of summer temperature,
Located the city of Eilat as one of the largest vacation spots in Israel.

A rare combination of mountains and the bay that creates spectacular views has brought a large number of
Hotels in Eilat made this holiday point so popular to the Israeli resorts and tourists all over the world
wishing to combine vacation, sea, entertainment and dozens of attractions scattered throughout the city.
In Eilat you can find, excellent restaurants, beautiful beaches, nightlife.