Attractions In Eilat

You cannot visit the city of Eilat without enjoying the many attractions Eilat has to offer.

We have brought you a number of popular attractions that you must visit.


Dolphin Reef Eilat
Dolphin Reef Eilat and the beach are unique nature reserve in Israel. Those who visit here, experience the amazing world of these wonderful mammals in the natural environment. The Reef is very wide and full of greenery, and there is a long and comfortable pier where you can watch dolphins in a friendly nurturing and loving environment. Those who stay there can watch the dolphins daily and at regular times, and viewing it is an attraction in itself. You can also enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the beach and you can also experience the experience of diving with the dolphins and other underwater animals in the compound (at an additional cost). At the shore of the Dolphin Reef site can will also find peacocks, chickens and other animals that have become a home. Dolphin Reef is suitable for Bill

Underwater Observatory Eilat -
Underwater Observatory in Eilat, the most recognizable attraction with the city of Eilat, which hosts tourists from all over the world, some of whom come specially to watch the spectacular coral reef. At the underwater observatory. Professional training can be enjoyed in the display of spectacular marine life, including stunning reefs and coral, sharks, turtles, rare fish and Amazon animals. Another popular attraction for visitors to the underwater observatory is the Coral 2000 glass ship, the highly invested Oceanarium, the on-site café, a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

Ice skating Eilat
The Ice Skating site in Eilat is a professional skating rink located in the center of the mall and is known as the Ice Park in Eilat. The ice surface stretches over a huge area, and its size and quality are like an Olympic skating rink, and therefore allows everyone and even less experienced people to take part in this amazing experience. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking experience of hiking in the center of a busy mall. The surface can hold dozens of skaters at the same time, so you can skate along with your family and partners